[Đố vui] Puzzles ( English only )


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let the first BANG BANG for me :))
some Questions: :)

1. In a running race,there were five runners. Runner C was placed third, and Runner E was placed second. From the following information, can you tell how runners A, B, and D placed in the race? Runner A was not last. Runner A came in after E. Runner D was not first.

2. You are given the following four words, come up with another English word that uses all THE SAME letters but in a different order. The four words you come up with will rhyme with one another.





3. Cut a big circle out of a sheet of paper. Place seven buttons on the paper circle as follows:

a). Place six buttons, evenly spaced, around the outer edge of the circle. Label the top button A," and the others, "B," "C," "D," "E," and "F," going clockwise around the circle.

b). Place one button in the middle of the circle. Label it "G."

Divide the circle into sections by drawing three straight lines so that there is only one button in each section.

4. Three clocks in the train station give the following readings; CLOCK A - 8:00, CLOCK B - 8:50, CLOCK C - 8:20

. One clock is 20 minutes fast. One clock is slow. One clock is off by half an hour. Help the passengers figure out what time it really is.


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bonus ( simple ) : :messed:


So here are the rules:
1- Connect all 9 dots, using only 4 straight lines, without picking up your "pencil"
2- Can you draw three squares which will separate all 9 objects?


Cây đang thụ phấn
Stone, wens, grown, throne
Is it right? :)

really the smart one ☆:)

Discussion :
Three gods A, B, and C are called, in some order, True, False, and Random. True always speaks truly, False always speaks falsely, but whether Random speaks truly or falsely is a completely random matter. Your task is to determine the identities of A, B, and C by asking three yes-no questions; each question must be put to exactly one god. The gods understand English, but will answer all questions in their own language, in which the words for yes and no are 'da' and 'ja', in some order. You do not know which word means which.

The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever (●^o^●)​


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