[Ngoại ngữ] Some useful language for presentation


Thanh viên kỳ cựu
1.Getting attention

a. OK.Can I have your attention everyone.

b. So, ladies and gentlemen. Let's make a start, shall we?

c. Alright everyone? Are we ready to begin?

2. Preliminaries

a. Good moring/afternoon everyone...

b. My name is...

3. Introducing a speaker

a. I'm every pleased to welcome..

b. Our guest speaker today is...

c. Please give a warm round of applause for ...

4. Starting a presentation gracefully

a. Let's start by looking at..

b. Before I begin I'd just like to mention that ...

c.First I 'd just like to say a few words about...

d. Today, I shall be dealing with...

e. I'm here to tell you about...

5. Subject/topic

a. I plan to say a few words about..

b. I'm going to talk about...

c. The subject of my talk is...

d. The theme of my presentation is ...

e. I'd like to give you an overview of...

f. I'd like to talk to you/tell you about...

g. I'm going to take a look at ...

h. I'd like to explain..

i. The subject/topic of my presentation is..

6. Outline

a. I've divide my presentation into 2/3/4 parts/sections ... they are ...

b. The topic can be looked at under the following headings...

c. The main areas I'll be taking about are...

d. The subject can be broken down into the following headings/section...

e. My tall will be in (three) parts.

f. Firstly/first of all...

g. Secondly/then/next...

h. Thirdly/and then we come to...

i. Finally/lastly/last of all

j. In the first part...

k. Then in the second part...

7. Lenght

a. My talk will take about ten minutes.

b. The presentation will take about two hours ... but there will be a twenty mintes break in the middle.

c. We'll stop for lunch at 12 o'clock.

8. Policy on questions and discussion

a. Please interrupt if you have any questions.

b. After my talk there'll be time for a discussion and any questions.

9. Sequencing/Ordering

a. Firstly...secondly...thirdly...

b. then...next...finally...

c. lets start with...

d. lets move onto...

e. that bring us to...

f. lets leave that and move onto...

g. that covers...

h. lets get back to...

10. Introducing a visual

a. I'd like to show you...

b. Take a look at this..

c. This (graph) shows/represents...

d. Here we can see...

e. Let's look at this...

f. Here you can see the trend in...

11. Making a transition

a. Next, ...will cover the following topics.

b. Now, ...will be looking at how this relates to...

12. Beginning the summary

a. I'd like to end by emphasising the main point(s).

b. I'd like to end with ... --a summary of the main points.

c. Let me repeat the main points again...

d. I'll briefly summarise the main points...

e. To sum up

f. In brief..

g. In short...

h. What I've been saying is...

i. If I can sum up...

j. It amounts to this...

13. Conclusion

a. In conclusion...

b. to conclude..

14. Closing

a. That about finishes off our presentation.

b. Does anyone have any question?

c. Do you have any questions?

e. Any questions?

f. I'd be glad to answer your questions.

g. Well thank you very much everyone, for listening.

h. Thank you for your attention.

i. Thank you for listening.

j. I hope you found the talk informative.

k. Please have a pleasant journey home.

15. Asking for clarification or explanation

a. Excuse me, could you explain how ... is done.

b. Excuse me, could you just go over...again?

c. Would you mind briefly clarifying...?

d. Would you please explain this process?

e. Sorry to interrupt, but I didn't quite understand when you mentioned.


a. In comparison..

b. similary..

c. in the same way..

17. Generalizing

a. Usually...

b. Generally...

c. as a rule..

18. Contradicting

a. in reality..

b. in face..

c. actually..

19. Contrasting

a. but..

b. however...

c. in contrast..

20. Giving examples

a. for example..

b. for instance..

c. such as..

d. Let me/I'll give you an example...

e. take ...for example/instance

f. an example/instance of this is...

21. Giving reasons

a. therefore..

b. so ..

c. as a result..

d. that's why..

22. Highlighting

a. in particular...

b. Especially...

23. Digreeing

a. by the way...

b. in passing..

24. Rpeat/Rephrase

a. Let me put another way...

b. what I mean by ... is...

25. Emphasis

a. I'd like to direct your attention to this...

b. My point is ...

c. It's worth nothing that...
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